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An all Exclusive Music Designed for kids

Fun . Engaging . Productive

We Shape Tomorrow's brilliant minds

At Pianola Music, we do believe that music connects the world, and just like about everything, the earlier you start the better. 

that's why Ola early on decided to start here endeavor and spreading here love and passion for both music and kids, by exclusively teaching children of ages 4+ and above, and also went and became a Montessori certified teacher, and started offering Music in Day Cares and schools.

Did you know?

  • All great and successful people from entrepreneurs to heart surgeons, plays music as a way to calm their mind and engage them in a highly productive mode

  • Playing an instrument would increase your kid chances in getting accepted in great highly competitive schools.

  • it's a highly productive, creative sought after skill, it's all math and helps teach your kids how to be highly productive and creative.

Music Class

Lessons With an Array of Instruments & Methods

Ola's Expertise as a Music and pre-school Montessori educator, made here the ultimate choice for parents in our area, here expertise in teaching style, patience and methods spans multiple instruments, and ability to educate multiple age groups effectively and professionally.

Meet The Team

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Ola Ennab

Founder and Lead Music Teacher

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