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Our Talented Founder & Teacher

I started my music journey when I was five years old, thanks to my parents, who introduced me to music at an early age. Since my love and passion for music and education grew, I embarked on a journey to spread music to all kids worldwide.

Why choose Pianola with Ola?

  • Bachelor of Musicology

  • Certified Montessori Teacher

  • Certified KinderMusik Educator

  • over 15 years of experience teaching exclusively to kids in multiple countries in formal and private settings

  • CPR Trained and background checked

  • and above all, a proud  mother of  a handsome boy

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Coming Together Through Music

My journey

Pianola Music started in 2015 in Mississauga, ON, Canada, as 7 Octava music inside Montessori school. I volunteered to teach music to lovely toddlers and preschoolers. Then I asked the manager to rent the most significant room to make it my first school. 7 Octava was a happy place to offer Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Violin. Then, we moved as a family to Austin, Texas, and the journey continued. We changed the school's name as we noticed that most of the students liked to learn Piano. Pianola offered private classes to those aged four years and above; classes were provided at my home studio in Dripping Springs, Austin.

Besides that, I worked as a music teacher in three schools in Austin: child's Day, Montessori Oaks, and Paragon Prep Charter School.

Now, I live in Wake Forest, NC. I am enjoying NC's peaceful and beautiful nature and teaching Piano, Guitar, and Ukulele at my home studio.


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